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Cappelle Pigments NV is since 2013 a privately owned company. It has been started by the Cappelle Family back in 1889 and since then grew to an international recognised pigment producer, known for his high quality standards in products & services.

Cappelle Pigments NV, originally known for their lead chrome and standard organic pigments, is evolved over the years in producing high grade organic pigments, transparent iron oxides & Bismuth Vanadate pigments, which are used in many applications in the ink, coating & plastics industry.

With the headquarters in Belgium and production sites in Belgium & France, Cappelle Pigments NV is a global oriented company. With an enthusiastic and motivated team, Cappelle Pigments NV is the ideal partner for your high quality pigment requirements.

Since january 2017, we are part of Ferro Corporation. Ferro (NYSE: FOE) is a US-based, leading global supplier of technology-based performance materials, including glass-based coatings, pigments and colors and polishing materials.