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We believe in continuous improvement together with our customer.
Our joint mission is to deliver the best performing colors solution that exceeds the end customer's expectations.

  • Pigments for Inks

    Known for high transparency & colour strength, Cappelle Pigments is offering a broad range of pigments to the ink industry. This range goes from the traditional azo yellows & oranges over Naphthol reds to our dye based range of Lumieres. Cappelle Pigments is offering solutions to the highest demands in many applications like water, solvent & UV based inks, screen inks, metal deco and many more.

  • Pigments for Paints

    Cappelle Pigments can offer high performance organic pigments and inorganic pigments like transparent iron oxides & Bismuth Vanadate Pigments. Those pigments are useable in demanding applications like automotive, industrial and outdoor decorative coating applications. Next to that we have also a broad range to be used in interior coatings and powder coatings.

  • Pigments for Plastics

    Cappelle Pigments develops new and adjusts existing pigments to be suitable to the most common master batches and to the high demanding fiber (PP) applications. The range exists in organic and inorganic pigments.

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Producer of specialty, high-performance inorganic and organic pigments enhances Ferro’s color solutions portfolio

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